Information for Members & REgular Attenders

  • Database

    Use our online database for access to the CBC directory, your online giving history, and your profile.

  • Online Giving

    To give online, go to our online giving portal.

  • Parents

    For each of your children from preschool through 12th grade, download this registration form, complete and sign it, and return it to the church office.

  • Small Group Teacher application & ReferENCE

    Would you like to teach a small group? Complete this online Small Group Teacher Evaluation.

    Have you been asked to be a reference for a small group teacher applicant? Complete this online Small Group Teacher Reference.

  • Building Use

    Would you like to use the CBC building? Download, print, and complete this Facility Use Request, then return it to the church office.

  • Church Membership

    Are you interested in becoming a member of CBC? Contact a pastor, elder, or the church office for more information.

Complete Building Use Calendar

The calendar below shows all events in the CBC building, both CBC events and non-CBC events. You can refer to this calendar if you need to know when the building is scheduled to be used.